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  1. My OC’s name is Lavender Feathers. She is a lesbian, probably a deredere because of her kindness and gentleness, but strong and feminist, and cares for others, stands up for the rights of LGBTQ+ youth, and is a very lovely individual in general. She’s an animal and homeless shelter volunteer, a supporter of freedom of religion, an assistant to the elderly, and a shining star to the city. She speaks through art, poetry, and music, as her melodious voice rallies students to help her causes. She supports a diverse, well-educated, happy city, and soon will help the rest of the world join in helping become a utopia.

    I hope she doesn’t seem like a Mary Sue, a woman like this is simply my idea of who could lead a new world. A world that helps everybody. An LGBTQ+ accepting world, not to mention a world with freedom to identify as whatever gender we choose. A world far from what we have today. If we all join together, we can achieve the dream.

    Sorry for the description and poem, I just wish we had a world where all people were loved, accepted, and cherished.

    • Let the LGBTQ+ youth of today become the leaders of tomorrow, let the oppressed regain control and happiness, let us not fall into the dark places, the hateful places, the places of homophobia, racism, and sexism.

      Let us all rise high with the love of many religions, many gods, many sexualities, genders, and races, all those that have survived on this earth to help human beings, to evolve us, to allow us happiness and pleasure.

      Let a true rainbow rise. Let a true rainbow encourage us. Let a true rainbow tell the truth in the skies. Let a true rainbow help us. Let a true rainbow heal us. Let a true rainbow wash away the lies.

      The above is an example of one of Lavender’s poems, hope you like it!

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