Mega anime couple creator

Mega anime couple creator

Game Description

An amazing and huge couple creator from rinmarugames.com! 😀
This was made a while ago but I was unable to upload it earlier due to a file size limit. But it’s working now! ^.^


  1. nameless says:

    You can actually put a mustache on a girlXD

  2. Kiki says:

    I made 2 characters that I created yesterday! Two children super kawaiis

  3. Vixie says:

    I made Jacksepticeye and Markiplier :3

  4. Pandora Wood says:

    I cannot play this! 🙁 It won’t load.. I am using chrome on windows 10.

  5. Pandora Wood says:

    Wait. Oh never mind, it’s my Internet

  6. Girl Theory Violet says:

    Whats with the Septiplier shiping they are just friends and they said so…. alltho they do look really cute together

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