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Missangest Pirate Creator


Game Description

Alright, second try with HTML5, this time with a pirate theme! Picking inspiration mainly from rpg’s (both male and female outfits) πŸ™‚

This game has shown to work the best in Chrome on desktop. PLEASE, disable adblockers since they may cause the game to get stuck at “play game”.


(If you can’t see the updated game, wait for a bit or clear your cache and it should show up!)

Update 4, 2017-12-17: The two last nose buttons were swapped, fixed!

Update 3, 2017-12-14: One of the eyebrow options wasn’t working, fixed!

Update 2, 2017-12-13: The lip color wasn’t working properly. This has been fixed now!

Update 1, 2017-12-13: Had an issue with buttons swapping places.Β Okay, this was a really dumb mistake from me. Somehow I had messed up my spritesheets so all of the buttons in the game got shuffled up… It should all be back in proper order now though! πŸ™‚

News in this game:

1. Drag and drop items are excluded. This is because they were just too buggy and caused a lot of slowdown in my previous HTML5 game, I’m sure that you can make them work properly somehow but it’s knowledge that I don’t have. I will repeat this and probably repeat this many times more, this is just my second HTML5 game ever, I barely knew what I was doing in Flash and I do not have the funds to pay programmers to code my games. Cut me some slack πŸ™‚

2. As you can see, layout has changed to a portrait layout. This is partly to cut out a huge chunk of the resolution to improve performance but also to make it look and work a little bit better on mobile devices. The menu will move so that you can see the items you’re applying (with the exception of the patreon category which contains all kinds of items), you can also hide the menu to the side to get a good look of the entire picture.

3. Color palette has been reduced slightly, this is also to improve performance as having to deal with so many different colors everywhere contributes to the slowdown.

4. Item selection has been drastically reduced. This is something I brought up months ago but I will explain it again. This is because my revenues are decreasing, it’s not worth it making huge games because the replay value is not even near enough to make up for being able to post new games more often. I have also reduced the items because, once again, performance issues in HTML5, the less items it has to deal with, the smoother it’ll run. My goal is to be able to increase the amount of items and customization in the future again, however I need to be able to live on what I earn for that, I also need to either work in flash for that (which as you may know, is being shut down) or find a solution for the HTML5 performance issues. And so far no programmers has been able to come with a solution for the HTML5 performance issues.

Known issues:

Please do report any issues you find, HOWEVER, please read the known issues first. It doesn’t help me to have a bunch of people reporting the exact same problem while demanding β€œFIX THIS NOW”. I know. I’m trying my best.

1. Random color button and sometimes also the random item button responds slowly.
Solution: This is a result of the known performance issues. There’s nothing more I can do about it at this time, I’ve tried several solutions. Just wait for it to respond, sometimes you have to press it multiple times. But I’ve found that after you’ve pressed it a few times, it usually responds a bit faster.

2. Double ads playing in the beginning.
Solution: I have contacted my ad company about this, they fixed this issue in my previous game so hopefully they can fix it this time as well ASAP. I’m sorry about this!

3. Pressing “Play game” does nothing.
Solution: Most of the time, this is caused by using adblockers. By blocking the ads, you’re causing issues within the code of the game. If the issue persists even with adblockers disabled, comment with what browser and device (desktop or mobile) you’re using. Chances are that sadly I won’t be able to help you after that, the game is working just fine for me so it’s not an issue everybody has (so clearly not a big issue inside the actual game)) but I will do my best to find a solution.

For webmasters: You may upload this game on your website, just copy the following iframe codeΒ <iframe src=’http://www.missangestgames.com/wp-content/uploads/games/PirateCreator/index.html’ width=’626′ height=’900′ scrolling=’none’ frameborder=’0′></iframe>


  1. Bird says:

    Something I found is almost all the buttons are switched with different buttons (ex: all the coat buttons are the hair, eyes, and eyebrows) and all the remove buttons are one of the headbands and eyebrows.

    Other than the buttons being not what the picture shows this is a good game.

  2. Agigi says:

    some lips dont work

  3. GalunaIsland says:

    Wow! I love the fact that you put in some items your patrons suggested! I’m planning on becoming a patron once I have a steady income.

  4. Marion Mekyna says:

    When i load the game it doesn’t respond when I press ‘play game’, and it still doesn’t respond no matter how much i click it.

  5. Amaranth41 says:

    I don’t know if it’s just an issue with Chrome (or desktop devices) but this is the second computer I’ve tried this on where it doesn’t work. It works on my phone just fine, but some of the edges are cut off, so I thought I’d go try it on my computer. It loaded all the way and I got to the “play game” screen but it never advanced beyond that. I tried reloading the page several times, I tried playing the game on azaleasdolls rather than here, but no matter how many times I clicked the “play game” button it didn’t respond. It did the little moving animation thing when I hovered the mouse, so it’s not frozen, but it won’t let me play :/

  6. anonny says:

    One of the eye brows (the one with splits in it) doesn’t work

  7. Sugarcane says:

    The game won’t even load ;-;

  8. Birdgirl1221 says:

    I cant change the color of the handle on one of the swords (the one above the bottom right)

    • admin says:

      It’s working just fine for me. The top color palette in that section colors the blade of both weapons, the middle one colors the handle on the left weapon and the bottom palette colors the handle on the right weapon. πŸ™‚

  9. Gaby says:

    Play button doesn’t work for me either. Adblock is removed and I’ve tried it on here and Azaleas but it still doesn’t work for me. I’m using chrome on desktop.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for letting me know, right now I have no solution for this but it’s good to know under what conditions this bug appears!

  10. Somebody says:

    Congratulations on your second game on HTML5! You’re really improving. I like this game of yours quite a bit πŸ™‚ There are less items than before, but the present ones are diverse enough for me to be pleased. Also, I like your solution about layout: the moving menu gives a clean and modern look to your game. Keep up the good work!

  11. I'm confused says:

    Why does having adblock on affect the game’s coding??

    • admin says:

      Because in order to adhere by ad rules, the ad must be called during a click event, this click event is tied to the “Play Game” button. If the ad is blocked then there will be an error and the game might not be able to read what’s on the lines below the ad code, which is the code that tells the game to start.

      Besides. It takes months to create one of these games, I provide them for you for free. If you seriously can’t put up with a short ad in the beginning of the game to support me, then I really don’t mind you not playing at all.

  12. Crafty Nymph says:

    Fairy. Anthro, Sorcerer, and now a Pirate…
    There’s almost enough to create a full RPG team of heroes!
    (actually, with the Mermaid, Amazon, Demon, Elf and Ghost, we could probably create several unique RPG teams!)

  13. Penn says:

    I love the game so far, the portrait sizing gives it a modern feel (It looks kinda like a dating sim, but that’s just me -3-) Just wanted to inform you that the last two nose options are switched! <3

  14. Ceecee says:

    I turned off the adblocker and it got even worse. I couldn’t play the game because ads kept playing over and over and the page itself kept scrolling me down no matter how many times I went up.

  15. admin says:

    I have an issue with double ads but the ad company is looking into it. One time I got more than two ads but that is one time compared to countless of times I’ve tested this game online (and once I refreshed the page, it worked normally again). Refresh the page and it might solve it. And the scrolling thing is an issue I’ve had before, that has nothing to do with my site or the game, simply close your browser and open it again and it’s most likely working as normally again (worst case, restart the computer).

  16. Thalia says:

    Hmm, it says it’s loading but nothing is happening. It might be adblock or something. Could you help with adblock possibly?
    I love that you make all your games for free! That’s very cool, it’s too bad that people don’t support you more. πŸ™ I would if I could. I’m 11, mind you. =^.^= Keep up the work with your beautiful games!

  17. Nome says:

    I’m one of those to whom the “play game” button seems not to work properly (even though I have the adblocker disabled for this whole website).
    I’m just here to leave a suggestion: if this keeps happening, try to change browser.

    I’ve been encountering this issue on Mozilla Firefox, while everything works just fine on Google Chrome, for example.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for checking different browsers and sharing your experience! It seems that some issues shows in some browsers and not in others and I’m still not sure of how to fix those issues, but at least it’s good for me to know when and where different issues shows, in case I might find possible solutions. And until then, using Chrome seems to be the best option! πŸ™‚

  18. S says:

    So sometimes when playing the game sometimes it will just slide down? and if you scroll back up to the game it does it again and its impossible to play right now

    • admin says:

      This is a very weird issue, few people encounter it and I have yet to encounter it myself (counting out the posibility of the issue being in the browser on computer mouse, I’ve had issues with this before, but if it’s just this page then it’s not any of those issues). What device and browser do you use?

  19. marie says:

    Hi, I don’t know what I do wrong but I can’t see the game, it just a white page when I want to play. What can I do? I reaaaally want to play. Oh and that do the seem thing for the other games. Can you help me for that pls?

    (sorry if my english is bad, I am french)

    • admin says:

      Are you using any adblockers? Aside from that I don’t really know what could be causing this issue aside from loading issues, but it’s not a global thing since it’s working just fine for me now :/

  20. Lane says:

    Anyone else not able to play the game? I keep clicking the “Play game” button but it will not respond…

  21. Crafty Nymph says:

    I’m having the same issue as Lane above: the game loads but nothing happens when I press Play Game. I have uBlock Origin but it’s disabled for this site, and I can’t play this game on other dress up sites either.

  22. max says:

    im having the same problem i had with tomboy creator

    no matter how long i wait the game never loads

  23. Shyla says:

    I disabled my adblocker and it’s not working. I use chrome and I’m on a desktop computer. It does seem to work on Azalea’s though

    • admin says:

      Then I’m sorry but I can’t help you further. It’s working just fine for me so I can’t possibly make any further bug searching… :/

  24. Fen says:

    No problem here, just wanna tell you I love your games! Thank you and keep up the great work! β™₯

  25. callianeira says:

    in the future it would be super cool if you could make the draggies bigger or smaller. Jjust a thought.

    • admin says:

      I work with PNG assets not vectors, so enlarging items would make them blurry, hence that I’m not adding a resize option for them, but thanks for the suggestion! πŸ™‚

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