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I promised a bonus game a while back, or well, not just a bonus game but actually two! This is the first one of them! ^.^ A collaboration with 🙂

As you know, I normally don’t do fan games. But I decided to make two exceptions for this collaboration (so if you support me on Patreon – no, you still can’t submit fan game theme submissions). For this game we picked Rose Quartz! It was a lot of fun (although I wanted to scream a few times drawing all of that curly hair, haha!). I did the artwork for the character and she did put it all together, did the UI and code! So basically, I got to do all of the fun parts and she did most of the hard work (should I really admit this?)!

And yes, this does reminds me to add more diversity in my bodytypes. I usually use my own body as a reference and then change it to fit the game theme which usually results in me doing very similar bodytypes for each game and that’s a bit of a shame really!

Anyway, I hope you’ll like this! I’d really recommend you to check out as well! It’s a fairly new website, but the developer behind it has done games for other websites for a long time so she has some real good games up and you can expect more high quality games from her in the future! ^.^

Another thing good to mention is that these two bonus games (second one is being worked on right now) has been done during my free time, so it has not delayed my usual games, Dragon Girl Creator is still in the works and progressing as it should 🙂


  1. That random fangirl says:

    This is such a beautiful game. I’m a big fan of your work. I love how you use such realistic body types in your games, thank you for making such beautiful and diverse games. ^-^

  2. Tammie says:

    This site won’t let me play the games

    • admin says:

      What browser and device are you on? Are you using adblockers? Messages like these gives me absolutely nothing to go on, I can’t help if I don’t get any information. I recommend using Chrome since it shows the least bugs playing HTML5 games and no adblockers since that can cause issues with the games.

  3. Balos says:

    Finally an option to choose the type of hair second colour(I’m talking about that gradient and line thing(Hope you understand :D))! And the game as wonderful as the others! Love your work very much <3

  4. WhalePug says:

    Hey! I love your games there really well made and cute! I think it will be cool if you make some sort of centor game they are my favorite mystical creatures

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