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  1. Pandoria says:

    This is really not accurate at some points. Steampunk is about steam powered mechanics and the creators of all those mechanisms are not so sweet and pretty. No skirts. No heels. None of that stuff. Not to mention that a lot of mechanics aren’t supermodels. Also why is there no short hair? I tried making my character but had a hard time because she has short hair. (she has a side-shave but you’re not a miracle worker. I’m not some feminazi that is against all feminine things and doesn’t shave I’m just saying..btw on soot 2 how did she get soot on her cleavage??

    • Thea says:

      Steampunk is not just about steampowered machines – it’s a very intricate setting that can be totally customized to an individual’s personal taste. See, steampunk isn’t just “ah, let’s toss some technological advancements and gears into the Victorian Era” – Steampunk is not the improbable, it’s the impossible. At least for that point in time (Victorian Era)! So, the fact of the matter is, that if we’re dealing with a…well…an /impossible/ world, we can’t exactly predict what that’s going to look like! So perhaps, in this steampunk world, they kept the skirts and heels of the Victorian Era – I think, honestly, when it comes to creating your own image of something that doesn’t exist, you’re allowed to play around.

      (As well – a laborer could very easily get soot on their chest and cleavage – sweat and then soot blowing into oneself can definitely cause that)

      At the end of the day, it’s the role of the creator to decide what their particular interpretation of the impossibility of the Steampunk world looks like. Missangest has some really gorgeous art and it’s great to see another addition to the (severely lacking) collection of Steampunk character creators on the internet. 🙂

    • Pandora Wood says:

      Hey! Have you tried hair #4? it matches you short hair requirements.

    • Girly2214 says:

      good that they have a hijab here

  2. [REDACTED] says:

    This game was great for making my character, Stevie. Keep up the good work!

  3. Alec says:

    This creator is great; It really helped me think of an idea for my Halloween costume. <3

  4. ErzaSCarlet says:

    wow I love this, it’s really good to make my self in! 🙂

  5. Kiki says:

    >3< I did it myself! It became super cute

  6. Persefonie says:

    Casually made a child like pearl on here 😀

  7. Pandora Wood says:

    amazing! I can now make my steam punk ocs

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