Curious about what project I’m currently working on? Then feast on this information and sketch of the game I’m currently working on! 😀

Please note that no deadline will be set for my games to avoid extra stress whenever I run into issues in the progress. 🙂

Game name: Elemental Sorceress

Game sketch:

About this game: 

There’s still issues with the sketch, but I will deal with them as I create the game items, the important part is that I have a rough sketch to go after. 🙂
I decided to go with a sitting character since it was a while since I last made a game including a wheelchair option and I thought it was about time to do one again. 🙂
The pose isn’t 100% compatible with a wheelchair, when I can’t make anything artistically appealing (I try to create as dynamic poses as possible) and realistic at the same time, I have to compromise. I hope that it’ll be okay anyway!
Since she’s sitting down I decided to not make any action based situation, but rather portrait her as someone who knows that she’s powerful. Like a queen but with a bit of an attitude. Knowing that she can with the snap of her fingers create fireballs or ice blocks to push her enemies away. Since she’s not making a gesture as if she’s attacking an enemy, I will make use of the dragon statues of her sides, making it look like she’s making them spit magic. I will also make sure to include elemental… elements, for you to use freely as drag and drop items. 🙂

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