Curious about what project I’m currently working on? Then feast on this information and sketch of the game I’m currently working on! 😀

Please note that no deadline will be set for my games to avoid extra stress whenever I run into issues in the progress. 🙂

Game name: Dragon Girl Creator

Game sketch:

About this game: 

The patrons have spoken! Dragon girl theme this time 😀
Menu is slightly changed from the last one so I can make larger buttons that’s easier to press on mobile, but they will work just the same as in the previous game. The main menu buttons at the bottom won’t be cut out like in this sketch, that menu will be a movable menu at the bottom so if the screen is wider, you’ll see more of it without having to drag it as much.
The lines marks the borders of the game, nothing important will be drawn beyond that point to make sure that all players can see the full doll (some large wings and long tails might go beyond the borders though, like always, big items may be a bit cut out). The light grey area is how wide the background will be, of course the bottom menu will not be cut out outside those borders as it’s in this sketch. The dark grey area is simply put there to make this sketch perfectly square so I can post it along with the previous theme picture on instagram, haha!
The resolution is much higher than in my normal games so they work well on new phones and I very much enjoy being able to put some more detail into the art. However the bigger assets might cause issues when it’s saved as flash for web, since loading time was the main issue in the Tomboy Creator, it would be bad to run into the exact same issue again. But we’ll see. There are a few options if the file size turns into a problem, I’ll deal with the problem when it happens 🙂

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Depending on how much you donate, you will be able to vote for future game themes (this reward was set to start once I had reached the first goal, but I have actually started allowing people to vote already), suggesting game themes which others will be able to vote for (available once I reach my first goal), see progress pictures of every subcategory I finish in the game, submit your own character to be featured in the game,  download a demo of each game when they are halfway finished!

However, if you don’t have the funds to support me through Patreon, don’t worry! My games will always be free for everyone to play, Patreon is simply a way to offer some extra perks for supporting my creations. 🙂

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