Toy Maker


Game Description

Create a toy character and its buddies! 😀

You’re very welcome to post this game on your website if you want! Here’s the link to the SWF:
If the game is just white, allow it to load for a while and it will eventually show up. If the items are changing on its own, refresh the page and wait on the title screen for a while, then press “play game” again. 🙂


  1. Triho says:

    love it :33 i just played all the exclusive games, this is my favorite

  2. ghost says:

    i make melanie martinez! this is my favorite game

  3. Crybaby's Dollhouse says:

    I Made An Asian China Doll

  4. Muffin says:

    Ohmagawd! I only ever play your exclusive games, and this is my second favorite (second only to the tatoo girl maker)!

  5. sister location says:

    Love this so much! I made a girl who was turned into a doll by her parents, but she has no memory of it happening so she thinks that she was always meant to be a doll. Her only friends are the two plushies

  6. clockwork says:

    this GAME is sooooooo cool

  7. floweysun says:

    i really like this game :3

  8. coco says:

    it won’t load 🙁

  9. Frostbite says:

    I made Crybaby!!!

  10. Malak Romano says:

    Lovely Game And i Most Likey That there is a muslim in this game

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