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Curious about what game I’ll be releasing next?

Right now I’m working on the “Empress Creator”

If you want to support me and help me spend more time (the more donations I get, the less dependant I am on frequent game releases, allowing me to spend more time on each game), you can support me on Patreon. I post weekly updates of the games I’m making and you can even contribute with themes or submit your own items to the games!

If you can’t or simply doesn’t want to, that’s perfectly fine! Follow any of the social medias below and I will let you know there as soon as new games are ready!

(my cat is not included in the game, he’s a mighty fine cat though, he deserves the spotlight he gets from the game theme announcements, he deserves everything good in this world)

Important! Many of my exlusive games and other games require flash to be enabled in order to work. If the icon for the game does not have a small phone symbol in it, it’s a flash game. If you have problems with games not working,  please follow the appropriate guide for your browser below before messaging me:

For Chrome:

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For Safari:

Thanks! 🙂

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If you like the games I create, I would greatly appreciate any support you can give to help me continue doing these! You can support me in three ways!

    1. Just browse my website and play my games with adblocker disabled!
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