Draelth Dress Up by Shattering-Gravity

Draelth Dress Up by Shattering-Gravity

Game Description

A really cool creator game by the artist Shattering-Gravity (https://shattering-gravity.deviantart.com/, game from https://www.deviantart.com/shattering-gravity/art/Draelth-Dress-Up-748078184) (and coding by Firelight342, https://firelight342.deviantart.com/)! This is a race created by the artist herself, the following description is copied from her own DeviantART post:
“The Draelths are one of many races in Aelevar, and are characterized by their thick skin, angled eyes and especially their dragon-esque ears. Legend has it that Draelths were once a mute race (powerless), roaming the wilderness in small bands as poachers. The Sky Guardian Aklevorn established the first alliance between the dragons and the Draelths, leading to the dragon-riding clans the Draelths live in today. They are viciously loyal to their clanmates and their dragons but not trusting towards strangers, and strangers would do well to not trust them too quickly either. Other Aelevrian races tend to look down on the Draelths and the “uncivilized” customs. Since the territory of the Draelths is made up mostly of uncultivable wilderness, they fear little from the attacks of outsiders. Instead, they deal with the clashes between their own clans–often resulting in dragon battles–and only ever serve outside of their lands as mercenaries.”

(please note: This game is pretty large, you may have to allow for it to load for a while, but I promise it’s worth it!)

Would love to see more games from this artist, this is awesome! ^.^

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  1. Sinead says:

    why is mine so big and when i zoom out it goes out of focus ?

    • admin says:

      It’s hard for me to tell since different browsers handle flash differently (and they are slowly pulling the plug on flash), it’s working just fine for me (tried zooming in and out) so it’s not an issue with the game. Sadly I can’t help more than that, weird things are happening with flash now and there’s no point putting in effort to fix anything that’s being abandoned.

  2. Akatski says:

    A lot of these outfits remind me of stuff you might see on star trek: next generation or deep space 9. They’re really neat and creative!

  3. hhhhhhhhhhelp says:


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