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Elemental Sorceress Creator

The sorceress creator is here! Create your own master of the elements of your choice. Perhaps a furious fire sorceress? Or a cool ice sorceress? Or maybe… both?!

You may post this game on your website if you’d like! The game link is:

News in the game:
Major changes in the clothing section. The heels and the extra clothing section (usually a second part of the bottomwear, capes in the last game) has been removed and the collar has been merged with the torso.

The reasons for this is that the heels and extra clothing section just felt like needless filler items, so by removing them and making the collar and torso one item, I could completely remove the third clothing subcategory and therefore be able to release this game earlier than planned. The merging of the collar and torso also gave me much more artistic freedom with those items as I no longer had to make sure that every collar would fit every torso item. Meaning that they had to look very much the same in order to work.

Hopefully you can appreciate this choice as you can play this game now instead of in 1-2 weeks! 😀 And I tried to put some extra thought in the topwear to make up for fewer items 🙂

I hope you will enjoy this game! Please let me know if you stumble upon any bugs that I’ve managed to miss ^.^


  1. Bluebubbles says:

    This is such an amazing game! The whole concept is right up my alley, and the options available to characterize your person is vast.

  2. Lina says:

    Thank you sooooooo much for including wheelchairs in your games. I’ve struggled so much accepting my wheelchair, accepting my illness, and your games have actually helped.

    • HelpfulWeirdo says:

      Always remember, your differences make you beautiful. Don’t ever be ashamed. Everyone who’s born is already a champion, so you keep that in mind. You’re a warrior because you’re truckin’ on and you haven’t given up yet. Sorry if this is awkward. I just like make people feel good.

    • Bluebubbles says:

      Lina, never look at your wheelchair as a handicap, but a tool to help you advance. Everyone has something or someone we need to help us advance and you are no different. Much love!

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