Empress Creator mobile friendly

Empress Creator mobile friendly

Game Description

Create a regal character ruling over her lands! Set up the background, style her hair and dress up in royal dresses. At last, finish by saving your creation! Will she be a fair or evil ruler?

If you’re struggling to get the right size for the game, open it up here: https://www.missangestgames.com/wp-content/uploads/games/EmpressCreator2/index.html
The game should fit well to the window, I’m having some issues with the wrapper on my website.

This is the HTML5 version, it works on mobile devices but it does not contain drag and drop items.
Flash version: Coming soon

1. Color palette has been updated. Skincolors previously had 42 choices, the main palette had 144 choices. Both now have 235 different choices. You now switch between item options and color options by the button in the bottom right corner of the menu (you can only navigate through the different subcategories by the item options).

2. There’s now random item and random color buttons for individual items.

3. The flash version will now be in landscape format with the full color and item menu visible at all times.

Before you send bug reports, make sure to include: What browser and device you are using and if you’re using an adblocker. The game tends to work the best in desktops and chrome (but not neccessarily always). HTML5 is still fairly new to me and many other developers, it’s very difficult for me to do anything about bugs that only show in very specific conditions and not for everyone. Don’t yell at me for not being in charge of flash or HTML.

Please note that any bug fixes I make may take a while to appear! If it’s not fixed for you yet, try to clear cache or return in a moment.
Most recent fix: Fixed an issue with color palette sometimes targeting the wrong items. Also fixed an issue with second layer of shoes being transparent.

For webmasters:
You may publish this game on your website! Here’s the iframe:
<iframe src=’https://www.missangestgames.com/wp-content/uploads/games/EmpressCreator2/index.html’ width=’608′ height=’900′ scrolling=’none’ frameborder=’0′></iframe>

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  1. Storme says:

    This game is soo good! Not really a surprise, everything you do is amazing, but still!

  2. Lana says:

    The screen is to big for my device

  3. Halcyon says:

    i’m using my laptop and the shoes/boots are transparent? I tried changing their colors but nothing happened.

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