Style preferences varies greatly from person to person. I try to feature games in all kinds of styles and feature some of the most common ones here in case you prefer one over the other!

Click the title of each category to see all games in that category!


Baby Creator

Kawaii Chibi Avatar Maker

Pocket Anime Maker

Rinmaru Chibi Maker

Sailor Scouts Avatar Maker

Chibi Maker by Gen8

Cute Yuri on Ice Creator



Video Game Princess Maker

Fairy of Seasons Maker

Superhero Girl Maker

Sleeping Beauty Dress Up

Mermaid Kitty Maker

Pin-Up Princess Dress Up

Fairy Tale High Dress Up

Realism or semi-realism

Teddy Black Dress Up

Grace Dress Up

Marlen Dress Up

Diana Creator

Fake Fur Fashion Dress Up

Blowing Bubbles Makeover

North American Dress Up



  1. Zennia Rcarvoewn says:

    then is it possible to make on that you can choose from a bunch of diff animals and make it so you can kinda design your own?

    • admin says:

      My patron supporters are the ones deciding which themes I have for my games, it would not be fair to paying patrons to take free requests from others. But I appreciate your interest! 🙂

  2. Zennia Rcarvoewn says:

    Can you make one that is essentialy a realistic form of Gacha Life Creator? that would be SO useful!!!

  3. Mabel says:

    can you please make a game with princess luna (my little pony)

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