Games allows you to customise either the entire doll or just parts of it. Maybe you prefer dressing up the entire character or you like the more detailed half body views? Here you can more easily find what you’re looking for!

Half body

Halloween Chibi Avatar Creator

Create a spoopy but also kinda… cute character! Plenty of items in […]

School Avatar Creator Male

Create a schoolboy character, the male version of RinMaru’s school avatar creator! […]

School Avatar Creator

Create a schoolgirl character with plenty of hair options, your favourite school […]

Grace Dress Up

Create a character and dress up in a casual/rock style! Another great […]

Fantasy Fortune Teller Creator

Create a character and dress her up as a fortune teller! 😀 […]

Marlen Dress Up

Aaaaah! Look at all of the cool items! Create a character and […]

Full body

Purple Jewel Creator

Create your own gem character in this awesome game from! 😀 […]

Covergirls Dress Up

Dress up these two fashionistas showing off their different styles! ^.^ You […]

Empress Creator

Create a regal character ruling over her lands! Set up the background, […]

Empress Creator mobile friendly

Please note (2018-10-17): This game will be temporarily broken while I’m working […]

Rinmaru Chibi Maker

A very cute chibi maker from rinmaru! Make a human or part […]

Glitter Cure Creator

Create your own character in a magical outfit inspired by the Pretty […]

Scene maker

Coachella Scene Maker

Create your very own Coachella festival scene! 😀 You may also like […]

Merfolk Creator

Another amazing creator game from dolldivine! Create multiple male and female merfolk […]

Fabulous Hair Creator

Create a character and go as crazy as you want with the […]

Fly Squad Fashion Creator

Create one or a whole squad of characters and dress them up […]

Rapunzel Medieval Wedding Dress Up

Dress up Disney’s Rapunzel, Flynn and decorate the scenery for their wedding! […]

Hot Summer Fashion Makeover

Give these four characters makeovers, dress up and create the perfect summer […]

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