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Missangest Pirate Creator

Game Description

Alright, second try with HTML5, this time with a pirate theme! Picking inspiration mainly from rpg’s (both male and female outfits) 🙂

(If you can’t see the updated game, wait for a bit or clear your cache and it should show up!)

Update 4, 2017-12-17: The two last nose buttons were swapped, fixed!

Update 3, 2017-12-14: One of the eyebrow options wasn’t working, fixed!

Update 2, 2017-12-13: The lip color wasn’t working properly. This has been fixed now!

Update 1, 2017-12-13: Had an issue with buttons swapping places. Okay, this was a really dumb mistake from me. Somehow I had messed up my spritesheets so all of the buttons in the game got shuffled up… It should all be back in proper order now though! 🙂

News in this game:

1. Drag and drop items are excluded. This is because they were just too buggy and caused a lot of slowdown in my previous HTML5 game, I’m sure that you can make them work properly somehow but it’s knowledge that I don’t have. I will repeat this and probably repeat this many times more, this is just my second HTML5 game ever, I barely knew what I was doing in Flash and I do not have the funds to pay programmers to code my games. Cut me some slack 🙂

2. As you can see, layout has changed to a portrait layout. This is partly to cut out a huge chunk of the resolution to improve performance but also to make it look and work a little bit better on mobile devices. The menu will move so that you can see the items you’re applying (with the exception of the patreon category which contains all kinds of items), you can also hide the menu to the side to get a good look of the entire picture.

3. Color palette has been reduced slightly, this is also to improve performance as having to deal with so many different colors everywhere contributes to the slowdown.

4. Item selection has been drastically reduced. This is something I brought up months ago but I will explain it again. This is because my revenues are decreasing, it’s not worth it making huge games because the replay value is not even near enough to make up for being able to post new games more often. I have also reduced the items because, once again, performance issues in HTML5, the less items it has to deal with, the smoother it’ll run. My goal is to be able to increase the amount of items and customization in the future again, however I need to be able to live on what I earn for that, I also need to either work in flash for that (which as you may know, is being shut down) or find a solution for the HTML5 performance issues. And so far no programmers has been able to come with a solution for the HTML5 performance issues.

Known issues:

Please do report any issues you find, HOWEVER, please read the known issues first. It doesn’t help me to have a bunch of people reporting the exact same problem while demanding “FIX THIS NOW”. I know. I’m trying my best.

1. Random color button and sometimes also the random item button responds slowly.
Solution: This is a result of the known performance issues. There’s nothing more I can do about it at this time, I’ve tried several solutions. Just wait for it to respond, sometimes you have to press it multiple times. But I’ve found that after you’ve pressed it a few times, it usually responds a bit faster.

2. Double ads playing in the beginning.
Solution: I have contacted my ad company about this, they fixed this issue in my previous game so hopefully they can fix it this time as well ASAP. I’m sorry about this!

3. Pressing “Play game” does nothing.
Solution: Most of the time, this is caused by using adblockers. By blocking the ads, you’re causing issues within the code of the game. If the issue persists even with adblockers disabled, comment with what browser and device (desktop or mobile) you’re using. Chances are that sadly I won’t be able to help you after that, the game is working just fine for me so it’s not an issue everybody has (so clearly not a big issue inside the actual game)) but I will do my best to find a solution.

For webmasters: You may upload this game on your website, just copy the following iframe code <iframe src=’https://www.missangestgames.com/wp-content/uploads/games/PirateCreator/index.html’ width=’626′ height=’900′ scrolling=’none’ frameborder=’0′></iframe>

Also please add the following line to your ads.txt:
google.com, pub-4529402052683454, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0  

This game includes one mid-roll ad playing after “play game” has been pressed but no further ads after that.


  1. Mikayla says:

    I made Isabela from Dragon Age!

  2. KenzieLikesBananas says:

    tbh not the biggest fan of the new layout, but its ok! still, a huge fan of your games and I won’t stop playing regardless. just a bit of constructive criticism!

  3. KaseInPoopie says:

    I made a girl I saw in my dreams!… No seriously she was a girl who literally appeared in my dreams. She’s not real and much less so my girlfriend. But she’s awesome! And probably evil.

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