This page will NOT include information about the current game developing progress. That’s a perk limited to patreon supporters. If you want and can, you’re free to support me on patreon ( and get weekly updates on how much progress is being made with the upcoming games! πŸ™‚

The future of this website

As you can see, my new website is up an running. The plan is to keep this site up until flash is completely shut down OR when the ad revenues are lower than the hosting costs of it. I will not update this website with new games, fixed games or anything, I will simply let it slowly go down πŸ™‚

2020-09-12 – There’s currently an issue with the cookie consent form, showing up every time you go into certain pages regardless of what options you choose. I’m working hard on finding a solution ASAP! (update: issue seem to be resolved for now!)

2020-10-15 – Danganronpa game removed

Don’t complain to me. A user found it inappropriate. The game did not contain what they claimed but I’m not risking it. It’s a flash game that will be gone soon anyway.

2020-05-05 – Changes with the latest game (Cat Adventurer)

I’ve made the decision to remove the portrait format of the game. I already made the decision to not make any more portrait HTML5 games (as the extra time and effort they require is not worth the small amount of players they get). This game was supposed to be the last one with the portrait format but I’ve discovered some major performance issues with the games and I need to do some time consuming changes to the HTML5 version. I am not going to do all of these changes twice so I have opted for removing the portrait version and focus on getting the landscape version up and running properly. If Animate CC (the program I’m using for game development) is adding proper responsive options to the HTML5 games (right now it just stretches the game out, not allowing items inside it to move with the edges of the screen like in the apps) or if I figure out how to change the code to make it properly responsive. Then I will make the HTML5 games fully responsive in the future. But for now for the websites I will stick with portrait formats. I’m very sorry for my iPhone users that can’t get the android app (which allows for portrait format in the phone), maybe in the future I’m able to provide iOS apps for you so playing in your phone is easier!

2020-03-17 – Missangest is becoming Pastelkatto!

Time for a change! This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and now I’m going for it!

TL:DR I’ve disliked “Missangest” for a long time but have postponed changing it because it’s expensive, complicated and I know people hate change. But the name is seriously making me feel like crap every time I see it and I hate being called “miss anxiety”. So it had to go.

Long version:
When I picked the name I just picked something that wouldn’t generate anything major on google. I followed the tip “put two random words together and you have a username” and all of the cute ones were taken. So eventually I settled with the first option that did work, this option was the combination of “miss” and “angest” (Γ₯ngest being Swedish for anxiety). My intention was never for it to be read as miss anxiety, hence that I picked the Swedish word and match with the english miss to make a random word. But yeah, should have known better! Since then I’ve been “miss anxiety” and I do not like that at all, that said, it was my fault for chosing that username to begin with!

Anxiety has been a big issue for more than half of my life, affecting it greatly. Because of several factors it’s hard to treat. I have learned somewhat how to live with it, I know what to do when it happens. Still it drains me. Some periods I’m high energy and I can do things despite the trong symptoms but then I run out of energy and my coping mechanisms gets more destructive and I lose motivation. The older I get, the more frustrated I get about my situation and the more hopeless it feels that I’m going to live the rest of my life with a brain constantly telling me that I’m in danger.

Knowing this I hope you understand why I rather not have that word describe my business which is something I’m working hard on and use as a motivation to keep fighting. It doesn’t even represtent the work I do and sometimes I even feel embarassed explaining the username for people interested in looking up my stuff just because it’s so depressing and easily comes off as “edgy”.

So I’m now going with Pastelkatto! Pastel being well, pastel. I wanted something art/color related. Katto is a Swedish touch on catto (as pastelcatto was already taken on several pages). Swedish word for cat is katt. I wanted to include cats because well, I love cats and hey, I draw a lot of them (especially Nils). It also fits my logo (which again, yeah it’s Nils). Is it more original? Probably not. Does it make me happy to read? Yes. Do I feel that it better represent the work I do and is a word I wouldn’t feel embarassed explaining to others? Yes!

I get that some people will continue calling me Missangest and doing the change at this time hurts my business. That’s why I wanted to do it sooner rather than later. The longer I postpone this change the worse it will get. I can’t control what other people say, but I can do what feels right to me.

Social medias are easy to change. This is sudden though because I wanted to do everything I can to avoid people finding out the new name and hogging the username on pages I use and get me to buy the usernames (yep, people actually do that, I think it’s illegal to do that with domains in some areas but certainly not illegal to do on social medias, just a shit thing to do). I rather change them than create new pages, so people won’t have to refollow. So changing everything at once with no heads up was the way to go (although I did give a heads up on patreon, but at that point I hadn’t decided which username to go with yet). Website and games are a bit more complicated. So the change will be gradual.

I know I’ll get many comments from people disliking changes so I wanted to explain why this change was so important to me. Sometimes you just gotta bite the sour apple and do something that will be better in the long run. And with that I’ll end this wall of text πŸ™‚

2020-03-07 – Another game fixed

Another broken game found, this one has now been fixed:

2020-01-26 – Website will be undergoing some changes

I have used the same wordpress theme for many years now, this theme is no longer being updated and it’s starting to have some issues. I have found another I’m fairly sure I can tweak to be fairly similar to what I have now (but better), the problem is that it doesn’t support flash. That’s not surprising giving the end of flash in December 2020. As long as some people can still play the flash games, I still want to have them up. So I may not change the theme completely until later this year. I will however do as many other changes as possible before then so the transition will be smoother. So just a heads up in case you browse my website and it looks or work weird, it’s likely me testing some new stuff, I’ll do my best to do any changes that may affect the ability to play games very quick but if you browse my site and it looks weird and no games are showing up, try again in an hour and it will likely work as usual again! My hope is to be able to improve my website so it looks and works a bit better πŸ™‚

2020-01-02 – One more game fixed

This game has now also been fixed:

Please note, these fixed games are all flash games. From what I know they will be up until december this year, so enjoy them while they last! A crying shame all flash games will be lost, I can only hope more of these great dress up game devs will make the move to HTML5, even though I struggle with it myself. For now it’s the best alternative we got.

2019-11-29 – Another game fixed

Again, a broken game has been fixed, I’m sorry about this inconvenience, this one should work just fine again:

Summer Twins Creator

2019-10-10 – One more game fixed

Another broken game has been fixed, this one:

Witch Apprentice Creator

2019-10-05 – One more game fixed

The following broken game has been fixed

Spooky Doll Creator

2019-09-03 – One game fixed

The following broken game has been fixed

Post-apocalyptic Duo Creator


2019-09-01 – One more game fixed + comments enabled on this page!

Sorry about the comment issue! I had comments enabled on this page, but disabled in some other options which were overriding this option. Now they are up and you can comment here as well!

This game has also been fixed now:

Haunted Portrait Creator

With the disaster release of the HTML5 avatar creators, I have a lot of work to do to get revenues up again so I don’t have time to go through all flash games (or rinmaru games, which seems to be the ones that has become broken on my website), besides, some browsers have already pulled support for flash so the motivation to get these going isn’t very high. Still if there’s a particular game you like and find it broken, let me know and I get that one game sorted out for you (this only applies if you get a white screen when trying to play it, any other bugs like a black box or purple box is an entirely different issue).

2019-08-19 – Issues with the New Missangest Avatar Creators

I’m aware of the performance issues. I’ve been up all night after completely reassembling the entire HTML5 games from scratch and it’s still not performing acceptable… I will keep trying to find ways to solve this. This game contains far more and bigger graphics than my usual games and HTML5 doesn’t manage such high graphic content very well and is far more complex to find solutions for than for flash. Please note that I have no programming education, neither do I have funds to hire programmers to solve these issues for me. I’m doing my best to improve the game, you have to be a bit patient with me.

2019-08-19 – Two more broken flash games fixed!

The JRPG Heroine Creator: Dragon Master and Rinmaru Amazon Warrior Creator has been fixed!

Rinmaru Amazon Warrior Creator

Jrpg heroine creator: Dragon Master

2019-08-03 – One more broken flash game fixed! was found to be broken as well, I have now reuploaded it and it should work again! And again, I’d appreciate any help in pinpointing which games that has been broken. I have over 500 games on this website at the moment and right now I’m busy with commissions and getting the HTML5 versions ready, so going through every single one is not an option at the time. I try to check any comments about broken games within 24 hours though!

2019-08-02 – New Missangest Avatar Creator APP ready (HTML5 needs some time still)

The New Missangest Avatar Creator is available on android now! You can download it in the google play store here:

The HTML5 versions needs some time still, I had to rush the app so it would be published before the 1’st of August. I’m working on the HTML5 versions now but it may take up to a week for them to be ready, I’m working as fast as I can though!


  1. OceanPhoenix says:

    Hey, I just wanted to say that I think it’s a great idea for you to change your usernames, especially if you feel that the username you have doesn’t fit anymore.
    Honestly, I’ve been doing something a bit similar. You may remember me for reporting in quite a few of Rinmaru’s games on this site not working. If not, that’s fine, you’re a busy person. I’ve always listed my name as OceanPhoenix, which has been my standard username for years. It fascinated me when I chose it because it was a) a conjunction of two opposites, and b) it was a play on my middle names (yes, I have multiple). But OceanPhoenix is no longer something that represents me very well, because I’m not two opposites fighting for control. I was, in a way, for a bit, but those days are long past. And I’m tired of seeing my username as a reminder of a dark spot in my life. These days, if I can, I go by TheFaithfulPhoenix. It’s more a part of who I am now, and also who I aspire to be. Usernames are important. If for nothing else, they can remind us who we want to be, at least on the internet. Honestly, I kind of like the idea that the ocean won against the phoenix, because an ocean is nearly infinite and phoenix, well, isn’t. I like to imagine that the new username I use now has risen from the ashes of the old one. This is kind of true for my personal life, so my username continues to represent me in a much better way. So yeah, if I comment again, and you remember who I am, look out for TheFaithfulPhoenix. Also, no matter how glitchy your site gets in recent months, I’ll always come back. Ever since I discovered this site, it’s been my favourite for dollmakers and such. Good luck on your continued journey and your rebranding, Pastelkatto. Maybe I’ll see you around in the comment section sometime.
    (Sorry for the wall of text),
    OceanPhoenix, AKA TheFaithfulPhoenix

  2. Zennia Rcarvoewn says:

    love your work but some of the games don’t use normal flash and that sometimes sucks. i use a MacIOS so i can’t use any of your games that use Adobe Flash, is there by chance a way this could be changed? you don’t have to do this now! just whenever you have like a week off. and also i LOVE the ones that work on my computer they look AWSOME, here is a character i made named Carter too using your Noble Warrior maker. it happened to have the eyes/hair i needed for the young girl and it worked out well! thank you for existing!! UwU

    • admin says:

      I assume you mean HTML5 when you say “normal flash”, I will likely not convert the old flash games into HTML5, it’s a lot of work for very little payoff (and some functions like the drag and drop items just doesn’t work well in HTML5), I rather focus on newer and better games! I appreciate the interest though and hope you’ll enjoy the new games I’ll release instead! Carter looks really neat! πŸ˜€

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just wanted to say I miss you on Deviantart

    Made a small card for you to thank you for the games

  4. Coco says:

    Is the site down at the moment or something? I can’t get any games to run for me at all. I have the Flash settings set to Allow for your site, but the games all just stay on loading. Don’t even go to the ads. I went to Rinmaru’s site and everything there is working fine for me. Also checked Doll Divine. I reinstalled Flash and restarted Chrome, still the circle just going round and round.

    • admin says:

      The site wasn’t down since you’re able to access it and comment. Not sure what went wrong for you, both flash and HTML5 games are working for me right now. There have been several reports of people getting stuck an ads loading lately though and I am looking into that so I appreciate you letting me know πŸ™‚

  5. Ouchie says:

    I will turn off AdBlock here the minute Missangest stops showing me ads with flashy pictures and loud noises.
    Best regards, your epileptic and easily scared fan.

    • admin says:

      It’s not me personally who puts in every single ad. However if you tell me what the ad was for I can put up a block for it πŸ™‚

  6. Mouse says:

    Hi! What happens if the game just gets stuck on a loading screen?

    • admin says:

      Which game is this? It’s very different depending on the game, if it’s all games then it’s likely your internet, however if it’s just one or a few games there might be something on my end I can check out!

      • Mouse says:

        Fairy of Seasons gets stuck on a white screen after loading; before it would just load forever, but now it’s blank. Video Game Princess maker does the same thing… πŸ™ Other games will load fine, specifically your exclusives.

        • admin says:

          Thank you for letting me know, they worked just fine for me yesterday but I see now that they aren’t working anymore. I will look into it!

          • admin says:

            Okay I tried to look into it now, I couldn’t find any issues, iframe code is correct and everything and now they both work for me just fine. So for now my best advice is to try to reload the page if it happens, sometimes they take a little while to load but they should show up eventually!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Do we have to worry about any of the games once adobe flash is no longer supported?

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