Rinmaru Chibi Maker

Rinmaru Chibi Maker

Game Description

A very cute chibi maker from rinmaru! Make a human or part animal character in casual or more fantasy-ish clothes! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  1. Someone says:

    The screen is HUUGE! What’s wrong??

  2. Nya says:

    Yah, It’s a black screen for me too.

    • admin says:

      “If itโ€™s an HTML5 game (meaning that the thumbnail has a phone icon in there) and youโ€™re still experiencing issues, include what device and browser you are using in your report and if youโ€™re using an adblocker.” The game is working for me so it’s not something wrong with the actual game. HTML5 behaves differently in different browsers and devices and it’s almost impossible for us developers to make sure that they are working perfectly on everything. But it will at least be of some use of us to know when issues happens the most, so we need more info to be able to do anything at all with this feedback. Even though this isn’t my game, I’m always interested in knowing issues with HTML5 in general so I would highly appreciate more info from these feedbacks.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, the game won’t load for me either. But the screen isn’t completely black for me, it has a chibi icon and a loading bar but it won’t finish loading. It just stops when there’s a centimeter left.

  4. Amber says:

    I cant get most of the options to actually work, I click on them, and nothing happens. it’s also way way too big to fit on the screen, even with the zoom at 50% I’m still having to scroll to choose options but they can be a little blurry or difficult to see, like typing this comment is very difficult to see what I”m typing at 50% zoom. I’m not sure if this is fixable but if it is, that’d be great and so much easier to use. I’d like to add I’m using Chrome.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for the feedback, I decreased the size of it on my website but since it’s not my game, I can’t do more than that. I suggest you bring your feedback to RinMaru (although I know that she’s aware of many of the issues with it, HTML5 is rough to work with). As for the options not working, that’s really weird though because they are working just fine for me. This game works a bit differently than normal games, for most items you have a slider which you slide to apply different items, that might be solving one of the issues at least ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Ally says:

    why is it not loading

    • admin says:

      What device and browser are you using? Are you using any adblockers?

      • Cecil says:

        It’s not loading for me either. I have my Abblock off for this site, I’m using Google Chrome on my laptop

        • admin says:

          Thank you for giving me some more info! I’m not quite sure what the issue could be, I just tried it myself and it’s working just fine. My only guess for now is connection issues, but I will try to find what other possible issues it could be :/

          • Dizzy says:

            It may be some kind of browser issue. I can’t run this on Rinmaru’s site either, and the same thing happens here. I just get a black square. I also use google chrome, with no adblock for your or her site.

          • admin says:

            Thanks for letting me know! It’s really strange because I’m using google chrome and have no issues at all playing this. HTML5 is still fairly new and even a lot of us devs can’t make a whole lot of sense out of it. But at least getting to know which devices and browsers diffent issues shows up in can help to search for a solution!

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